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With DIRS21 you are perfectly connected. To optimize your online distribution, we work with leading technology companies and travel industry experts . Connecting our partners’ systems is the basis for operating effectively in online sales – we place our trust in experiences and partnerships that have been established on the market for over 20 years.

Do you want your reservations to be synchronised automatically with your Property Management System? Should your website be included in price comparison systems such as Google Hotel Ads or Trivago? Do you want your guests to pay directly when booking online?

No problem – our interfaces are all certified, secure, and easy to set up. You have full control over the connections to OTAs, metasearch portals, GDS, PMS, and your payment solution.

1. Booking portals (OTAs)

Broaden your coverage and attract guests from all over the world.

Take advantage of the huge potential of OTAs to increase your turnover and maximise your occupancy. By being listed in the portals you can improve the visibility of your hotel and optimizes more prominence on the internet.

With increasing numbers of online reservations, it becomes even more important to keep everything under control. The DIRS21 channel management system gives you full control via your PMS. All data is kept up to date automatically whenever anything changes. For each reservation and each individual sales channel.

2. Property Management Software (PMS)

The 2-way interface is used to synchronise each reservation with your PMS.

There is no need to familiarize yourself with new systems. Connect DIRS21 to your PMS and you can control your sales channels using the PMS interfaces that you are used to.

The 2-way PMS interface makes it possible to receive reservations from multiple connected booking systems directly into your PMS. Your room availability and rates are synced both with DIRS21 and your PMS. No manual updates are required.

3. Price comparison sites (metasearch portals)

Make your own website visible where the customer journey begins: Google Hotel Ads, Trivago, and Tripadvisor.

The metasearch portals are extremely popular, and are now used in more than half of the journeys which are booked online.

Working with price comparison sites allows you to be less reliant on the OTAs, and improve the visibility of your own website. With our connections to Google Hotel Ads, Trivago or Tripadvisor, you will appear with your own booking route where your guests are searching.

4. GDS – Global Distribution Systems

Broaden your coverage to include corporate and international travellers, via more than 550,000 travel agents.

Address new target groups by getting listed in the Global Distribution Systems. Your hotel will be listed in the GDS systems of our partners such as Amadeus, Galileo,

Worldspan, Sabre, Pegasus HCD and the downstream reservation systems, thus utilising the effective means of the origin of online hotel distribution. We provide support from set-up process through the rate loading, to commission settlement.

5. Payment

A simple and secure payment process for everything from the payment of deposits to refunds after cancellation.

Use our payment solution to securely process online payments within the IBE. Either on your hotel’s website or on other channels.

Your guests can pay using the most popular payment methods, from PayPal to credit cards. Are you already working with a payment provider? Would you like to process payments via your hotel software or are you still looking for a payment service provider? We are flexible according to your needs.

6. Experts

Explore our network of experts, who we work together with for the benefit of our hotel customers.

We trust in our experts network of consultancies, agencies and other innovative ventures in our industry. We create long term partnerships and are open to working with new partners to drive digitalisation in the hotel industry.

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DIRS21 Portrait Bill Apel
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DIRS21 Portrait Marleen Metzger
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DIRS21 Portrait Matteo Stefania
DIRS21 Portrait Mia Wagner
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