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DIRS21 Live

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It’s time to digitise your hotel operations

DIRS21 Live – Step into the world of digitisation for the hotel and catering industries

DIRS21 Live is an innovative communication and organisation tool for the hotel and catering industries. Our app has been designed for smartphones and tablets (Android & iOS), as well as desktop devices. It works in harmony with DIRS21 Office and your PMS.


The product has been developed specifically to meet the needs of the hotel and catering industries


Easy overview of all features in a tiled screen


Optimise the communication between your staff with just a few clicks

DIRS21 Live –
the main features

An overview of the app’s features

The next step in digitising the hotel industry:

DIRS21 Live offers a range of different functions for easier and more efficient performance of day-to-day tasks.


Chat module with chat bot:

A combination of leading edge text recognition software and many years experience in the hotel industry have produced an integrated Chat Bot which can generate answers to online queries automatically and reliably. Human intervention by a staff member is only needed when the query is complicated and the Bot is unable to reply.


Ideas and Improvements:

Suggestions for improvements or new ideas can easily be submitted from anywhere within the app, then discussed and rated. This helps to motivate your team members and improve the team spirit.

App News


The online notice board allows all staff members to keep themselves up to date at all times.



Tasks can be created and allocated to the appropriate staff member or department, either from within a Chat Bot conversation, or on a standalone basis.


Check-ins and Check-outs:

Lists of arriving and departing guests provide easy access to your online reservations with all the relevent details.


Push messages:

The app sends push messages to your staff members for urgent internal matters or communication with guests.

See for yourself!

Our product video for DIRS21 Live

DIRS21 Live – Soft Launch

Do you want to enhance the communication and organisation within your businees?

DIRS21 Live enters its soft launch phase

DIRS21 Live has entered its soft launch phase in a number of selected hotels.

Direct feedback from the participating establishments is allowing us to optimise the app’s functions to meet the needs of the hotel and catering industries.

The app will be become generally available in the summer of 2018.


  • innovative:
    seamlessly combine internal and guest communication with your online distribution


  • automatic:
    improved communications make life easier for your staff in their day-to-day tasks


  • well thought through:
    the modern design ensures that all features are clearly displayed

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