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Improve your performance in all channels:

DIRS21 Channelswitch

Broaden your coverage with interfaces for booking portals. As your online sales increase, it becomes more and more important to keep firm control over your distribution. With the DIRS21 channel manager, you manage your booking data centrally via your PMS. All updates are made automatically, keeping your data current and accurate, for each booking and each interface.


Increase your visibility and online presence.


Use the online travel agency’s (OTA’s) vast sales potential to optimise and maximise your occupancy rate


Optional settings to send differing room availability and rates to any of your chosen channels

How does DIRS21 Channelswitch work?

1. You choose the portals to which your room availability and rates should be sent.

  • You can load fixed or dynamically calculated rates.
  • Provide rooms, package arrangements, events and congresses.
  • Only pay for those interfaces which you expect to generate reservations.

2. Your guest will find you on one of the various booking portals and then either book there directly or via your website.

  • Easy booking process which can also include packages.
  • Allow guests to store their details in profiles to make online booking even quicker
  • Direct payment to you. Easy administration.

3. The Channelmanager synchronises the booking data to all interfaces in real-time.

  • Prevent overbookings.
  • All information will show up in your PMS immediately.
  • Login with individual access data or rate code directly within the booking module.

Meta-sized coverage

DIRS21 Metasearcher

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Trivago’s price check is one of the most highly frequented meta search engines. DIRS21 supports the Trivago direct-connect technology and include your website in the Trivago price check. The activation of the interface with Trivago and the accounting of the CPC-costs is made directly via Trivago. You can sign up for this service on our website.

Tripadvisor Logo


DIRS21 is a premium partner of TripAdvisor and includes your website in the price comparison. The feature “Book on TripAdvisor” is supported as well. You can choose between the CPC- and CPO-model.


Bookings via third-party channels

Increase brand awareness, maximise bookings, save time: The automatic maintenance of all significant online booking portals via the DIRS21 Channelswitch.

Demonstrably more

More than 5,000 hotels and accommodation providers use DIRS21, making it the leading channel management system in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Recommended by the leading booking portals BOOKING and HRS.

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